At DVCon Europe, Oct 24-25, Munich we presented "Enabling Visual Design Verification Analytics – From Prototype Visualizations to an Analytics Tool using the Unity Game Engine" where we showed how the bug reports generated by PinDown, our automatic debugger for regression tests, can be visualized in a cool way that enables an analytical view. It allows you to see which areas of the design that are error-prone and need some extra attention. It also allows you to identify areas of the design that lack test coverage. Here is a demo. We have explored this field earlier this year, but now we went more into the filtering aspects of the visualizer. You can set the time frame and search for a certain activity level/fault ratio to make it easier to analyze the data.



Most of the time we spent in the booth talking to verification people about how PinDown uses Machine Learning to predict bugs before verification even starts. This speeds up PinDown's own debug process and it also allow you to run the regression runs from a risk point of view (large test suite for risky commits, small test suites for safe commits).