At MTVCon, Dec 10-11 2018, Austin, TX Christian Graber from Verifyter presented a paper on bug prediction using machine learning called "Boosting Continuous Integration performance with Machine Learning".

This presentation was part of a session focused on how machine learning can be used in conjunction with mining version control data to predict bugs.

As part of this session Alper Sen, associate professor from Bogazici University, presented a paper called "Predicting Buggy Modules During Virtual Prototype Developement" which focused on predicting bugs in SystemC with very good results.

Avi Ziv from IBM Research presented "Mining version control data - are software and hardware the same?" where he talked about what the hardware community can learn from the software community, especially in the field called MSR, Mining Software Repositories, which is a very active software research community centered around the annual MSR conference. He also described some concrete work that have been done in this area inside IBM.