At DAC, we revealed information about the next generation automatic debug tool, PinDown 4, which is being rolled out in the months to come.

DAC 2015

PinDown 4 presentation from DAC June 2015 View PDF

DAC 2015 01

DAC 2015 02

DAC 2015 03

Verifyter was granted a US patent March 27th 2015 (”Method and Apparatus for Automatic Diagnosis of Software Failures”) that protects its novel technology on which its automatic debugger PinDown is based.

A second patent application within the same field is currently pending.

Presented ”Standard Regression Testing Does Not Work” at DVCon, San Jose, March 4th 2015 where I showed what is wrong with today’s approach to regression testing and how to fix it.

PinDown presentation from DVCon March 2015. View PDF

DVCon 2015 01

DVCon 2015 02