At DVCon, San Jose February 26 - March 1, 2018, we will present our cool poster titled "Analytical View of Test Results Using Cityscapes". Drop by the poster session or come and visit our booth to learn more what this could be used for.

Another large corporation has bought a PinDown license to automate debug of regression tests in their ASIC department. This company has one of the world's strongest brands (even your mother knows the name) and we are glad to be able to help. We celebrated with a traditional automatic debug cake.


At the 54th DAC in Austin, June 2017 we demonstrated how PinDown can automatically debug regression failures down to the exact line of code. On the same topic we also presented a poster with the title "Automatic Debug with Fine Adaptive Granularity" where we walked through the principles of how the algorithms work. There was great interest and we had more traffic to our booth than we have ever had before at any show so far.