Axel Österman completed his bachelor thesis titled "Data Visualization" at Lund Institute of Technology, using obfuscated data provided by Verifyter. The purpose was to understand how to best present the unqiue type of data gathered by PinDown, Verifyter's automatic debug tool, in order for customers to understand the project status and the quality of their design and testbenches. The result of this thesis will contribute to the next generation PinDown GUI.


Poster (mixed English/Swedish)

Daniel Hansson and Patrik Granath from Verifyter were awarded "Best Poster - 2nd Place" at DVCon US, San Jose, for the poster with the title "Automatic Debug Down to the Line of Code". The poster explained how to automatically debug regression failures down to exact line of code that causes a test to fail. In the photo below, the award is announced by Tom FitzPatrick (to the right), Technical Program Chair at DVCon US and Verification Technologist at Mentor Graphics. Daniel Hansson (to the left) from Verifyter humbly accepts it.



Getting the award



 Poster session


 The poster

At DVCon US 2017 in San Jose Verifyter announced that 3 of the largest 5 semiconductor companies are now using PinDown to automate debug of regression failures. There was a lot of traffic at the booth where we demoed the latest version of PinDown which can automatically debug regression failures down to the exact line of code that is causing it.