In this demo PinDown debugs a failure down to the exact line of code within a commit that contains that bug

In this demo PinDown is automatically fixing a regression bug. Yes, actually fixing the bug! No other tool can do this. Please note that it is optional whether you want PinDown to commit the fixes to the revision control system or just report the bug.

In this demo 9550 tests are run out of which 994 tests fail and there has been 1000 commits made recently from different developers. PinDown is able to find the bugs in a fraction of time it took to run the test suite.

In this demo 5 bugs are inserted, both compilation failures and test failures on top of each other. PinDown sorts out the mess, by pointing out the bad code lines and it makes the test pass again! No other tool can do this.

In this demo there is a severe but temporary IT issue, causing tests to fail. PinDown handles the situation and is able to distinguish this temporary network issue from real test failures.