PinDown could not reproduce this test - it got no results at all! During the test phase PinDown registered a failure, but when re-running the test and seed on the same revision then no results at all were found. Probably the farm is full or the PinDown flow is broken. PinDown will not investigate this test further in this run.

Note The confidence level for this type of bug report (intermittent error) is low. PinDown does not know why there are no results. Probably a farm or flow issue.



How Did PinDown Reach This Conclusion?

PinDown tested the following during debug to reach this conclusion (using the same test and seed as in the test phase):

  • No results found when retested a second time on the same revision as during the test phase

Potential Stability Issues

This issue is due to one of the following:

  • Computer Farm Busy: If no slots are available on the computer farm then no results will be produced

  • PinDown Setup Problem: If PinDown has been setup incorrectly, e.g. the results are extracted correct in the test phase but not in the debug phase (see the Extraction User Guide).

  • Test Scripts Broken: If the customer’s test script that is used in the debug phase (often called is broken, at least for this test, then no tests will be launched