New Customer: A Major Semiconductor Company [Feb 2020]

We signed on a new customer to use PinDown, our automatic debugger of regression failures. This latest customer is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. We celebrated with an automatic debug cake in a fun robot dance party. Note that the robot is not driven by ML, but even better: it is fully edible!


At DAC56 in Las Vegas we talked a lot about automatic debug powered by machine learning, both with engineers at our booth and with Sanjay Gangal, EDACafé. For the first time at DAC we presented real cases of features we use to predict bugs using machine learning. This was well received and gave engineers a better understanding how it all works.

The local industry in Las Vegas does not have any local ASIC industry which led to fewer engineers attending the show, but on the other hand more Elvis impersonators


We presented at a completely new show focused on innovation within the verification space - Verification 3.0 Innovation Summit. All the verification technology leaders were there: Breker, OneSpin, Imperas, Vayavya, Agnisys, Methodics, Vtool, Verifyter and many more.

Verification 3.0 was held at the Levi's Stadium Auditorium. After some welcoming words by Jim Hogan the show started with the keynote speech from Joe Costello. It ended many interesting presentations later with Verifyter's talk about predicting bugs (see picture below) expanding on our DVCon poster we presented recently, digging deeper into what we actually mean with "features". The day finished off with a reception in the Oak Room situated high up in the stadium with an amazing view.