Presented as a poster at DVCon US 2019, Feb 2019, San Jose, CA.

This paper explores the feasibility of predicting bad commits before running any tests

Predicting Bad Commits

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Presented as a poster at DVCon US 2018, Feb 2018, San Jose, CA.

A novel and cool way of presenting test results using cityscapes.

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Presented at DVCon US 2016, Mar 2016, San Jose, CA.

How often should you launch your test suites in order to find bugs fast at little cost? What is the optimal launch schedule?

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Presented at Microprocessor and SoC Test and Verification (MTV 2015), Dec 2015, Austin Texas.

Several EDA tools automate the debug process or part of the debug process. The result is less manual work and bugs are fixed faster. However, the actual process of fixing the bugs and committing the fixes to the revision control system is still a manual process. In this paper we explore how to automate that last step: automate bug fixing.

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